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So, you must know IP addresses are important right? Everyone has one, after all -- yours is right up there, do you see it? Wow! Aren't computer's neat?

Let's rundown some fast facts about IP addresses, what they are, and why they matter:

    IP Fact #1: IP addresses are unique identifiers for all devices operating within a specific network.

    IP Fact #2: IP stands for "Internet Protocol"! That's cool!

    IP Fact #3: The transfer of information between two websites or usage of firewalls would be virtually impossible without IP addresses!

    IP Fact #4: IP addresses are assigned to individual devices, not users! So if you're using your friend's laptop to visit IPFacts.net, you're using their laptop's IP address!

    IP Fact #5: IP addresses do reveal your geolocation, which means other computers will be able to see the general region you're accessing in the internet from, but not an exact address.

    IP Fact #6: Modifying or disguising your IP address is possible through the use of a proxy server or a VPN.

    IP Fact #7: VPN stands for "Virtual Private Network", and there are a variety of VPNs available online for free and for a small fee.